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I’ve always loved the ocean, but now I live in Bentley and don’t get to see the water that much. My last swim before I went to the nursing home was at Port Beach. The waves were big that day; but I thought, if I can just get past the breakers, I’ll be ok. Instead, I got dumped and lost my dentures. Seeing the ocean here today reminded me of that day. I smile thinking of the person who may have come across my teeth bobbing away in the waves. These trishaw rides are the best thing the home does (for us).

Ewart, Juniper Bentley


“I would spend a week of every school holidays at my Nonna’s after her husband of 55 years (Nonno) passed away. Even at age 12 I seemed to comprehend the loneliness that can come with loss.

So, along with morning stretches, hours in the veggie garden, cooking, playing cards, and walking to Karrinyup shops every afternoon, Nonna would drive us in her lime green Torana to the beach to meet other family members for a picnic.

I can’t recall the last time we were able to sit and watch the ocean together so today was pretty special, filled with lots of stories (many that we heard more than once)

Thank you Cycling Without Age Sorrento for the ultimate JOY-ride! Denise you’re an absolute legend.”

Leanne Spano


“Oh, that was fun. I am windblown! When am I allowed to go out again?”

Mary Opal


During her ride, Edith mentioned, “I was last at the beach when my granddaughter got married. I remember as it had been such a long time since I had stood on the beach.”



“My husband used to pick me up on our tandem (bike) after I finished work before we had children. In the 60’s we bought a car. This is the first time I have been on a bike since!”



“My daughter reminded me this is the beach where my husband’s ashes were scattered. It was a long time ago now though.” 



“These food hampers are my lifeline. Knowing this hamper is coming, allows me to budget for incoming bills. I am so grateful!”



“Thank you for riding mum on your trishaw (for the MS Coastal Ride). Without this service, we wouldn’t be able to ride together as a complete family.” 


Victoria Park

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