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The Sea Writ Under Her Skin

The Sea Writ Under Her Skin

By Dee Jaeger

When organic matter is submerged long enough under the ocean it breaks down and becomes one with the ocean. Even inorganic matter takes on the marks & etchings of the sea over time, growing barnacles, algae, and sometimes even becomes a habitat for sea life. The Sea Writ Under Her Skin is my poetic license or expression to imply a deep connection or influence of the sea on a person who spends much time in it. Like many in our coastal community who surf, swim, snorkel or “take the waters” of our beautiful and powerful coastline, the sea gets under our skin in a metaphorical sense. It becomes part of who we are and connects us to place and community.

3D sculpture Ceramic

16 x 30


Dee Jaeger has been a practicing ceramic artist and art teacher for 26 years. She holds a BA in Visual Arts and a Grad Diploma in Education. Dee’s main form of expression is through ceramic sculpture. The multi-faceted stages and processes of working with clay provide Dee with more than a lifetime of exploration and research. The female figure and the natural environment are her main source of inspiration. Living in the beautiful coastal suburb of North Beach offers Dee rich visual imagery to create her 3-D “stories”. Her figurative works often depict the everyday interactions of people with their places of play, recreation or solace. The ocean in particular is the setting of many of these mini narratives. The works submitted for Motion by the Ocean reference locations very dear to Dee’s heart; Trigg Beach, Mettam’s Pool, the coastal paths and the abundant abalone reef. Dee hopes her work speaks of the need to advocate for and protect our local coastal ecosystem while recognizing the pleasure and health benefits it provides to all who engage in it.

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 30 cm

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Auction Expired because there were no bids

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