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On Sand: Coloured thongs 1

On Sand: Coloured thongs 1

By Peta Gischus

Oil Professionally Stretched

59 x 59


Peta Gischus was born in Perth, grew up in Melbourne, raised her own children in Sydney and, in 2019, returned to sunny Western Australia. She has lead a creative’s life; firstly in performance as an actress and singer, and then in Fine Art through her years as a mother and carer for her elderly parents. The two works submitted for Art by the Ocean are part of a beach series inspired by regular walks on our country’s wonderful beaches. Peta’s view in these works has been smaller human and gull details. A beach scape is ever changing; a jumble of footprints and texture constantly evolving with the elements. A single footprint at the water’s edge is smoothed and erased by a wave with ease but a thong waits for its swimmer to return. Both the footprint and the thong belong on the beach, as does the power of the ocean to wash away their mark. The return of the ocean, and its visitors, shows the resilient nature of these transitory interactions and how they equally belong.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 59 × 59 cm

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Auction Expired because there were no bids

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