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Moon Shadow

Moon Shadow

By Nadine Bastow

In this work I explored the curvaceous dune form and its interplay with the circular canvas. This dune and the river beneath are derived from carved and printed blocks reflecting stylised vegetation, with gold leaf for glittering light effects and shadows to express the melancholic moments on the dunes whether in late afternoon or under bright moon light.

Mixed Acrylic paint, block prints, gold leaf and collage

74 x 74

Professionally framed

I am a mid-career artist with over 30 years of experience having exhibited in Perth, Melbourne and Internationally, with 4 solo exhibitions and numerous group shows and my work is held in several collections around Australia. I am a mixed media landscape painter enjoying highly textured surfaces, layers of print, paint, ink and paper. Also a portrait painter and sculptor, I enjoy pattern and layers of rich colour and texture whether on a 2D or 3D surface. My paintings are an expression of landscape rather than a literal interpretation and my work which reflects a 52 year immersion in the ancient and precious dunes and water ways of Moore River also known as Gabbadah, where the mouth of the Moore River meets the Indian Ocean (in Guilderton, 1 hour north of Perth). This is Yued Noongar country and I am a recent visitor. This environment is embedded in my visual and physical memory as my family have owned a shack here since 1970. I have spent my life swimming in the river and ocean and walking all over its sandy dunes. The indelible imprint this land has left on me, drives my work as does the extraordinary West Australian light.

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Dimensions 74 × 74 cm

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Auction Expired because there were no bids

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