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Calm, Chaos, Consequence

Calm, Chaos, Consequence

By Gary Casey

This piece was made from a personal event not too long ago when I was assaulted outside of my own home, but it represents a lot more. The effects of trauma of any kind be it body or soul, flora or fauna, fire or flood, environmental or global warming. No one thing is of concern but a combination of events can affect the outcome. The bends in the road to “Consequence” can be straightened but they will never be the same. So collectively or solo, moving to the other side evolves change!

3D sculpture

95 x 25


As an artist, I come from the serene suburbs of Perth, WA, where the coastal fringes became a wellspring of inspiration and appreciation for the ocean. These experiences instilled in me a profound desire to preserve and celebrate the beauty of nature. Over many years, I have embarked on a journey of self-learning and trade experience in the art of sculpting, continuously challenging myself with each new creation. I have been entering competitions since 2008, and my sculptures have found homes in private collections from Exmouth to Yallingup. My artistic style has matured in harmony with the breathtaking diversity and wonder of the natural world. My preferred medium involves shaping metal, bending and transforming raw materials into soulful sculptures that transport me to a realm of artistic escapism. In my creative process, I find myself humbly following the art’s guidance, as each sculpture seems to tell its own story. I see myself as a mere storyteller in the realm of three-dimensional art, allowing the artwork to dictate its presentation. Through my work, I seek to celebrate the beauty of nature, capturing its essence and sharing its captivating narratives with the world.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 95 × 25 cm

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Auction Expired because there were no bids

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