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Calm Before The Storm (2)

Calm Before The Storm (2)

By Nev Clarke

This is near the famous Gap area in the Torndirrup National park in The Great Southern. There is an old indigenous trail down to the bottom with pools with freshwater for the indigenous people that lived there. It is a dangerous piece of coast and must be treated cautiously. I often go down there when it’s calm and no swell. There was a beautiful sunset occurring, but a storm is coming so I didn’t have a lot of time.

Photo framed

59.2 x 42


I am a landscape photographer in the Great Southern. When I was a kid, my dad would take me out fishing to some of pretty amazing places. My mum gave me a camera and told me to go and take photos while I was there. When I got to high school I started studying photography however after leaving high school, I didn’t do photography for a very long time as life took a different journey. About eight years ago, I recommence my Photography journey. I use a mindfulness based approach to shooting landscaped with tries to capture have a place feels as well as to look look of it.

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