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Boranup Forest, Margret River, 2023

Boranup Forest, Margret River, 2023

By Morgan Prideaux

This artwork captures the essence of the Boranup Forest through a unique lens of abstract realism . The tactile quality of the surface is created through a series of expressive mark making and loose brushstrokes. This type of artwork aims to create a more immersive and sensory experience for the viewer.

Mixed Mixed Medium – Primed and Sealed

180 x 100

Professionally framed

Colours of calm and waves texture! Morgan’s highly textured artwork has become her distinguished signature style, and has established her as an emerging Western Australian artist.  Morgan’s inspiration comes from our coastal lifestyle and she describes her subject matter as “SALTY”.  She is continuously experimenting with mixed mediums and shadowgraphy.  As light shines on her textured works, the continuous changing shadows create a sense of natural movement throughout the day.  This three dimensional effect, combined with the raw earth, coastal feel, is designed to be inviting and even enticing to touch!  Morgan started her own business after graduating with a Bachelor of Creative Industries.  Her portfolio includes spatial interior design and illustration.  Today her artworks and colour palette are often reflective of design trends, while her experience allows for a greater understanding of an artworks ability to anchor and balance space.

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 180 × 100 cm

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