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Blue Harmony

Blue Harmony

By Michelle Williamson

Inspired by the harmonious movements and interactions of the Australian Splendid Blue Wren. After hours and hours spent watching the blue wren in their natural environments, I recognised the way in which the Splendid Wrens move within a group searching for food with an alluring and majestic flow. The soft blue background amidst the gentle green leaves of the silver gum tree together create an ambience of tranquillity and peace. They take the same path everyday, moving down the path in one direction before heading back the way they came. They’re delicate and soft in the way they move from branch to branch, crossing paths with one another, weaving a trail of iridescent blues.


100 x 100


With 16 years of dedicated experience, Michelle is a Perth-based oil painter specialising in depicting the captivating essence of animals and wildlife. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Curtin University, Michelle was recognized with a series of academic excellence awards during her studies as well as various awards to follow including Hypervision Overall Winner, Churchland’s People’s Choice Award and a WA Screen Award. Drawing inspiration from the rich and diverse Australian wildlife, she infuses her art with realism and evocative interpretations. Her artistic journey also encompasses crafting personalised pet portraits, immortalising the unique spirit of cherished companions. Oils are her chosen medium for their ability to breathe life into her creations. Through meticulous blending and layering, she achieves an encompassing atmosphere with a high level of detail. Each brushstroke and hue reflect her profound connection with nature, reflecting hours spent observing and studying the animal kingdom. By bringing her art into your home, you invite the wonder and tranquillity of the natural world, enriched by her passion for colour and composition. Michelle’s work is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of the wild and the familiar, a tribute to the remarkable creatures that grace our earth.

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Dimensions 100 × 100 cm

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