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Artists’ Frequently Asked Questions

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Any Western Australian artist over the age of 16 can enter. Entrants under 18 years of age must have permission from a parent or legal guardian. Artworks must be less than three years old.

Yes. Artists are welcome to submit up to three entries for consideration.

Separate entries are required for each artwork. There is a link in the confirmation message to go back to the start of the entry form.

Please ensure each artwork meets the submission guidelines and requirements. 

Entries close 4.30pm Monday 7 August. Only fully completed entries will be considered for acceptance. Completed entries will be confirmed by email. Acceptance of entries will also be confirmed by email.

Entries are only accepted through the online entry form.

Yes. You will become the email contact. However, you can enter all other details on their behalf. PS: What a nice friend!

All selected artworks are for sale. Interested buyers may purchase at a Buy Now price nominated by the artist. Selected artworks will be for sale by auction.

It is both. We will have limited artworks for sale by auction to the highest bidder. However, most artwork will be for sale at a Buy Now price set by the artist. Pocket Art (less than 30cm x 30cm) will be sold at a set price of $200. 

Artworks in the Open category are subject to a $25 entry fee for each artwork submitted (ie. 3 artworks = $25 x 3 = $75).  Entries in the Pocket Art category are free. Fees will be refunded if artworks are not selected. 

For the Open category 25% commission is payable. For the Pocket Art category 50% commission is payable on sale, with options to donate your commission to Motion By The Ocean Inc. Commission excludes GST, if applicable.

We welcome a wide range of artworks including paintings, sculptures, drawings, photography, mixed media and more. 

We encourage artists to explore their creativity and submit artworks that reflect the vision  and core values of Motion by the Ocean including: 

  • A strong & vibrant community where everyone feels included.
  • Sights and sounds of our ever-changing coast
  • Intergenerational relationships. 

Submitted artworks will be carefully reviewed and curated by our Art by the Ocean Organising Committee team and art professionals. The selection process will consider factors such as artistic quality, relevance to the exhibition themes, and overall coherence of the exhibition. Selection decisions are final.

If your artwork is selected for the exhibition, we will notify you by email and provide further details on exhibition logistics and artwork delivery instructions.

If you artwork is not selected for the exhibition, you may be offered other opportunities to be involved in the event.

If you have made an entry in the Open Artwork Category, your entry fee of $25 will be refunded.

The proceeds from the auction will go towards supporting Motion by the Ocean Inc, a for-purpose, non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering innovative community-based activities that acknowledge unmet needs. Your participation will contribute to a worthy cause and make a positive impact on the community. 

Yes, artists whose artworks are selected for the exhibition are invited to attend the optional closing event. It is an opportunity to present your artwork to your buyer, engage with the audience, and share insights into your artistic process.

Your are responsible for arranging a suitable, mutually agreeable time for artwork handover. If this is not possible, you need to organise postal or courier delivery to the buyer.

You will receive an artist’s complimentary ticket and we would love for you to be there. Please contact us for any extra tickets which may be available to purchase. 

Your buyer will have complimentary ticket and is very welcome to attend. However, you will still need to arrange a mutually agreeable time to handover the artwork prior to the event.

You need to retain your artwork and bring it to the closing event on Saturday 14 October 2023. 

You will be advised closer to the time about the process of handing over your artwork at the event. You will be responsible for the artwork up until you have handed it over at the event.

Yes, previously exhibited artworks are eligible for submission, provided they are less than three years old. 

We ask that your artwork to be for sale exclusively with us until the closing event.

You will be advised of the outcome of the auction after it closes.

Payment will be made by Motion By The Ocean 14 days after confirmed payment by the buyer and artwork hand-over/delivery.

To stay updated on the Art by the Ocean online art auction and exhibition, sign up to receive the latest news, important dates, and other relevant information about the event.

There are several things you can do before entering (apart from your artwork, of course). The following are required as part of your entry. You may wish to have these ready:

  • A summary (maximum 200 words) of your background and experience for the online auction listing. This may include insights into the artwork you are submitting. Buyers may use this information in their decision to bid, so we recommend you consider including details such as training, exhibitions and awards. The organising committee reserves the right to edit material.
  • A description of how the artwork reflects one or more of these themes – a strong and vibrant community where everyone feels included; the sights and sounds of our ever-changing coast; and inter-generational relationships.
  • Digital images of your artwork (see the question about digital images).
  • The entry fee of $25 per entry. This only applies to the Open category. It is payable by credit card as part of the online form process

No. The online entry form has a “Save and Resume” facility which allows you to return to a partially-completed entry any time while entries remain open.

At least 1, and no more than 3, digital images are required with each artwork entry.

They must be in jpeg (.jpg) format, maximum 1920 pixels (longest side), and a maximum file size of 1.5Mb each. There is a file upload field on the last page of the entry form.

We want to showcase your artwork in the best possible way and give buyers a true representation. Showing the front, back and your artwork next to familiar sized items, gives a idea of what is being purchased. You may upload just one image if you think that is sufficient. If you have not photographed artwork for online sale before, here are some tips.

The ID displayed on screen is a randomly-generated sequence unique to your entry. It will be used to link your entry details to your artwork and to your artwork images. Please ensure you use it to rename your digital images, adding “A” to the first filename, “B” to the second, and “C” to the third. Keep the “.jpg” suffix intact.

Yes it is possible. However, we recommend using a desktop computer’s facilities for editing, resizing, renaming and uploading images.

If you wish to use a phone (either for all of the entry process or to handle resizing, renaming and uploading), you will need to Save your entry at the last page (where the file upload facility is) and Resume your entry on your phone using the emailed Resume link.

To make it easier for iPhone users we have developed an Apple Shortcut (tested on iOS 16.5) which provides for automatic resizing to 1920 pixels and also renaming.

Before downloading this Shortcut file, first check your iPhone has Shortcuts turned on (Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Apps Using iCloud > Show All and scroll down to Shortcuts).

The Download process places a zipped file in the Downloads folder of your Files app. Tap on the download in Files to unzip it and open the file choosing the “Open in Shortcuts” option. Click Done. This adds a “Resize & Rename” shortcut to your Share Sheet (the dialogue you see when you click the Share button). 

In Photos, open the photo you wish to resize, tap the Share button and choose Resize & Rename (you may have to scroll down the sheet). Type the new filename when prompted using the code shown in the entry form.

The resized and renamed image will be added to your Recent folder in Photos. Repeat for any other images.

To upload the resized and renamed images, tap in the uploads window of the form, choose Photos and select the images.

Tap the Enter My Artwork button.

Android/Samsung phone users should follow these instructions

There is a 1.5Mb limit on each file upload to preserve our available web disk space. An image which has been correctly resized to 1920 pixels (longest side) will be no more than 1.2Mb.

A reserve refers to the minimum price set by the artist or seller that must be reached for the artwork to be sold. If the bidding does not reach the reserve price during the auction, the artwork may remain unsold. The reserve ensures that the artist receives a fair minimum value for their artwork.

Determining the reserve price is a personal decision for an artist. It’s important to consider factors such as the perceived value of your artwork, market demand, previous sales, and your own expectations. We recommend talking to artists of similar styles to help you determine an appropriate reserve price.

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