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Entries restricted to artists based in Western Australia.

Separate entries required for each artwork (limit 3 entries per artist).

Entries close 4.30pm Monday 7 August.

You may save a partially-completed entry and resume where you left off within 30 days.

Only fully completed entries will be considered for acceptance. This requires:

  • Payment of entry fee (Open category only) by credit card
  • Upload of 3 digital images of the artwork entry in JPG format, maximum 1920 pixels (longest side), maximum file size 1.5Mb each.

By submitting an entry you agree:

  • To the published Terms and Conditions 
  • All submitted artworks are for sale and no changes may be made to nominated sale/reserve prices
  • All sale prices are inclusive of GST (if applicable)
  • Commission is payable as agreed, after payment of GST (if applicable)
  • Handover of sold artworks to be completed in Perth at a time and date specified by Motion By The Ocean or as otherwise agreed
  • Payment will be made to your nominated bank account after close of the exhibition and auction, subject to handover.

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Mural by Peter Ryan
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